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The US largely continued the tradition started by Athens (and succeeding democracies in world history, such as France) — rule by the people and for the people, which started with making the voting process more inclusive.Through the years, artificial barriers such as race and gender fell one by one as the rest of the world watched.(The direct form of democracy would be quite difficult to implement for modern nations, which are much more complex and diverse than the ancient Greek city-states!

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In the first two seasons of the series, Hale worked out of the 39th Division of the human police force as Dyson's partner in the homicide department. Although Hale is of a high social status from a family that has significant importance among the Light Fae, he has generally ignored his social and political connections as he prefers to explore a life of his own rather than the traditional roles expected of his family. This attitude was not shared by his father Sturgess Santiago, or his sister Val Santiago, a Pombero.

His family strongly believed that humans are inferior to Fae (which created tension when Hale presented Kenzi to them as his "girlfriend" in The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire). It was revealed that she, like Hale, was also a Siren.

As a Siren (similar to the song of the mythological creature) he is able to attract and control people by just humming or whistling.

(This was shown when he led Olivia, a Fury, out of the house in Faetal Attraction.) He can whistle at several frequencies that can have different effects. Collins) (2011) In the human world, Hale is a detective, Dyson’s partner on the force.

All Zen and charming, Hale's greatest strength is understanding politics - when he was Dyson's partner on the force he did his best to protect impatient Dyson from getting himself in trouble with their human or Fae bosses.