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    Turkle observes adults there divide their attention between children and their mobile devices, at which I’m no longer surprised. With one hand, Pete pushes his six year-old on the swing, and with his other hand he uses his cell phone to step into his other identity, an Avatar called ‘Rolo’ in Second Life, a virtual place that is “not a game because there’s no winning, only living”. He is married to ‘Jade’, another Avatar, after an “elaborate Second Life ceremony more than a year before, surrounded by their virtual best friends.” Pete has an intimate relationship with Jade, whom he describes as “intelligent, passionate, and easy to talk to”, even though he knows very well that ‘Jade’ could be anyone, of any age and gender. My relationship with Jade makes it possible for me to stay in my marriage, with my family. Life-mix is “the mash-up of what you have on- and off-line.” So, it’s no longer “multi-tasking” any more, but “multi-lifing”. For him, dignity requires a feeling of authenticity, a sense of being connected to the human narrative. Although he would not want his life endangered, he prefers the sadist to the robot. CLICK HERE to an interview with Sherry Turkle CLICK HERE to read my post “A by Sherry Turkle, Part 1“ CLICK HERE to read my post “No Texting for Lent and The End of Solitude” Both photos on this post are taken by Arti of Ripple Effects.

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