Live cam swap

As luck would have it, shop manager Tom Honsaker was also considering a cam swap for his '95 GT convertible. 18 cam," Adam says, "which was popular for years down here [Florida] when the 5.0 Mustang thing was just taking off.

Live cam swap-22

This is not a 7,500-rpm cam, but neither are the popular manifolds, stock lifters, or stock bottom ends suitable for that rpm range.

Typically, the cam is used with such heads as the Edelbrock Performer, the GT-40, the TFS Twisted Wedge, and so on, and long runner-style intakes. Customers with 351-based strokers usually opt for a cam with more lift and duration."Problems with the '94-'95 computers getting along with hotter cams can be an issue. 19 cam seems to fit right in the range of adding significant performance while not disturbing the sensitive stock computer programming.

Steeda designed the cam to work with '85-and-up Ford small-blocks.

The company specifies a 1.60 roller rocker with the spring requirements as shown.

19 cam] is for the guy who wants the extra power of a custom camshaft without having to put up with any compromises. It's emissions legal, it won't beat up the valvetrain-and, above all, it maintains excellent driveability.