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The Mc Cosh presidency (1868–88) saw the construction of a number of buildings in the High Victorian Gothic and Romanesque Revival styles; many of them are now gone, leaving the remaining few to appear out of place.

A group of 20th-century sculptures scattered throughout the campus forms the Putnam Collection of Sculpture.

In 1879, the first thesis for a Doctor of Philosophy Ph. In 1933, Albert Einstein became a lifetime member of the Institute for Advanced Study with an office on the Princeton campus.

It was removed to the campus under cover of night by Princeton students in 1838 and buried in its current location in 1840.

A second "Little Cannon" is buried in the lawn in front of nearby Whig Hall.

It remained in Princeton until the War of 1812, when it was taken to New Brunswick.

In 1836 the cannon was returned to Princeton and placed at the eastern end of town.

In 1887, the university actually maintained and staffed a sister college, Evelyn College for Women, in the town of Princeton on Evelyn and Nassau streets. After abortive discussions with Sarah Lawrence College to relocate the women's college to Princeton and merge it with the University in 1967, the administration decided to admit women and turned to the issue of transforming the school's operations and facilities into a female-friendly campus.