Carbon 14 disequilibrium dating method taroeel profile dating

According to Science Daily, “Since the formation of C14 is affected by Earth’s magnetic field and solar activity and is therefore not constant, this relative time scale has no absolute timestamp in calendar years.” Links: Nature News, Science Daily So at best we can comment Ramsey’s team is adding the assumption that one set of layers formed per year to supplement/reinforce the assumption C14 has formed at a constant rate, and we predict in the end both of these assumptions will be their undoing.But there are several more unstated assumptions in carbon 14 dating apart from the ones admitted above.

We are glad to report that Nature News 18 October 2012 and Science Daily 19 October 2012 report that the Carbon 14 method is in need of an overhaul – something we have been saying for years.

We guarantee our answer below will stretch your grey cells, but you will find it well worthwhile to endure to the end.

So what to do with an atmosphere in which C14/C12 is not yet in equilibrium?

The obvious implication is the atmosphere is not as old as commonly believed.

We list several below that we use during debates that are never challenged because they are real problems to them “in the know.” So for a good hard read keep going – it’s worth it!