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If someone like Scott, with advanced degrees, needed help, wouldn't others? Coincidentally or not, he wound up with a few dates.

Alone time with your guy can be hard to come by, so why not make those precious hours you two share extra exciting?

The two women, both in their early 40s, have had their share of luck in love. Nanci, who is divorced, has dated a lot since she became single again. Nanci has a communications degree and prides herself on handwritten letters. He brushed up his profile, embellished nothing and ended with a lighter, quicker, more engaging read.

She instantly tore into Scott's essay the way your old high school English teacher would have. The next day, she and Nanci sat in Whole Foods and hammered out a business plan, got an Internet URL and launched Profile He had used too many subordinate clauses starting with “although” and “however.”But he was going for nuance, Scott protested. After suffering through the initial ego-bruising, he found himself in the end more confident about dating and about himself.

She said they complained about an online hook-up culture when they were after more serious relationships.