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Tanya did not win the bigger role for which she tried out, but she was hired as a bit player.About this time, she also got one of her first musical breaks, when her father drove the family to Phoenix for the Arizona State Fair, on the chance that the featured performer, country singer Judy Lynn, could use Tanya in her show.Loneliness got me into it." In 1978, Tucker moved to Los Angeles to try, unsuccessfully, to broaden her appeal to pop audiences, and was quickly captivated by the city's nightlife.

Released in the spring of 1972, the song became a hit, peaking at number six on the country charts and scraping the bottom of the pop charts.

At first, Columbia Records tried to downplay Tucker's age, but soon word leaked out and she became a sensation. "I thank the lucky stars and the Good Lord for that song," Tucker told Nine-O-One Network Magazine in 1988.

The two hit singles from the album were "I'm a Singer, You're the Song", and "Texas (When I Die)". It reached number five on the country charts, and its flip side "Not Fade Away", a Buddy Holly cover, peaked at number 70 on the hot 100 pop charts.

By the end of the 1970s, her sales were declining — in 1980 she only had two hits, one of them was "Can I See You Tonight? Also in 1980, she recorded a few singles with Glen Campbell, with whom she was romantically linked.

The Tuckers attended concerts of country stars such as Ernest Tubb and Mel Tillis, and Tanya's sister La Costa was praised in the family for her vocal abilities.