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Global macro variables include the following: *all automatic macro variables except SYSPBUFF. See Creating Global Macro Variables for more information about the %GLOBAL statement.

A SAS data set file is created when a command file contains a DATA step.

SAS data set files can be created so that they exist only as long as SAS is running your current noninteractive submission, or they can be created to be saved and used again during a different submission.

The following are exceptions that prevent you from referencing the value of a global macro variable: When a macro variable exists both in the global symbol table and in the local symbol table, you cannot reference the global value from within the macro that contains the local macro variable.

In this case, the macro processor finds the local value first and uses it instead of the global value.

How do I read dates into a SAS data set from a data file having two columns for years, two columns for the month, and two columns for the date--all adjacent to one another?