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In another bloody scene, fortune teller and voodoo practitioner Margaret Krusemark (Charlotte Rampling) was found dead, with her heart cut out with a sacrificial knife.

The film included a notorious, steamy sex scene (originally NC-17-rated, but trimmed for an R-rating) of abandoned sexuality (with the theme of blood sacrifice) between them.

She unbuttoned the front of her dress and unhooked her bra to reveal her breasts to him.

As he hugged her body to himself, he then let out a terrifying series of primal screams, causing her to beg: "Don't hurt me." (It was revealed to be part of a film scene - when the crews and camera were shown from another angle).

They made love on a bed with raindrops (and chicken blood) dripping from the ceiling through the leaky hotel roof during a rainstorm, while listening to the radio playing the sultry tune "Soul on Fire" by Laverne Baker.

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    View More The Doctors discuss the case of a woman who claims her doctor left eight-inch forceps in her abdomen after she had a benign tumor removed.

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