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Photos of the back of the headstock and the front of the guitar would be useful.

A total or about 220 ES-355's were shipped in 1962.

Thanks, Mike Hi Most people post pics by uploading to a Photobucket account (free) then pasting the link in; easier than it sounds.

The label inside doesn't look orange (from what I can see) and obviously the TP6 fine tuning tailpiece is from the Norlin era. I can't tell if it's walnut or black in the photo on my cheap, old laptop. Or it could be my subconscious thinking '68 and making my eyes see walnut.

The only aftermarket bound pickguard as you describe, that I know of, will be made for an L-5C.

I just did a tracing of the pickguard on my L-5CES and compared it to the one on my ES-345.

A guy is trying to sell me a Gibson Custom Shop that neither of us know that much about. (the truss rod cover is blank though, like all custom shops)-It has a quilted maple top which was obviously custom That's really all we know. He seems to think it's a 1997 model but I can't find a proper reference with that serial number.

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