Hermaphrodite chartroom cosmic radiation dating

For it might have been a hundred, if your guesses were all good, But I think it mnet be zero 'til they're rightly understood.

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Hermaphrodite chartroom

CHORUS Glory Glory dear old Thermo Glory Glory dear old Thermo Glory Glory dear old Thermo We'll pass you by and by.

Heat content and fugacity revolved within his brain Like molecules and atoms that you never have to name And logarithmic functions doing cakewalks in his dreams And partial molal quantities devouring chocolate creams.

Tin EWjil CTHIl ART OF SIX OTHER GUYS (tune: Sweetheart of Sigma Chi) The girl of my dreams hae dyed her hair, A brilliant shade of red.

She drinks, she smokes, she tells dirty Jokes, She haen't a brain in her head.

Good old Wall Street, may she flourish, Corporations, may they grov. Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn Damn the stupid massed Fight, fight, fight, fight For the upper classes.

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