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I also support the fantastic work of Kevin Healey and to his autism bullying campaign as well as being a founding member of Kids in the Middle - a charity that aims to promote awareness in parents who are breaking up and how this can affect their children.

I'm delighted to support Saying Goodbye a charity supporting and providing national services for those who have suffered a miscarriage, still birth or early years loss.

The Press Office team can only deal with enquiries from the media and do not have access to customer information.

Conversely, the proportion with a TV in the bedroom has fallen to 52 per cent from 59 per cent last year, while 47 per cent of five to 15-year-olds have a games console in their bedroom compared with 56 per cent last year.

Thanks for checking out my site - the entire point is free self-help with agony aunt-style advice on lots of topics.