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T-shirt sizes, in short T-shirt specification T-shirt style T-shirt?

Takes to the police stati Takes to the station hous Takes to the streets Takes too many tranqs, sa Takes too much Takes too much, briefly Takes too much, for short Takes too much, quickly Takes turns Takes up residence (in)Takes up the challenge Takes wing Takes, as an exam Takes, as an offer Takes, with "for"Takes, without being comp Taking (a stronghold) by force Taking a bath Taking a break Taking a break from work Taking a glimpse Taking a long trip at sea Taking a show on the road Taking action Taking advantage of Taking after Taking an arctic vacation Taking away Taking back one's words i Taking care of a job Taking care of business Taking care of matters Taking care of the situat Taking care of things Taking credit?

Salt and mineral in the summer Evidently it costs nine hundred and forty thousand dollars for three months of hay, salt and mineral in Oklahoma?

The government then So the government pays Ladd Drummond THIRTY TIMES what it charges ranchers in the big western states to graze their cattle on public land.

Is he taking these horses to fashion week in Paris?