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The series aired in a late-night 10pm slot, as part of ITV2's "XXL Thursday" programming block.The theme song is an excerpt of "You Know I'm No Good" by Amy Winehouse.

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she loves sex and money and so prostitution was a natural career choice." Both series 1 and 2 consisted of eight episodes: the series was commissioned for a third series, even before the second series was aired.

Series 2 became complicated to film due to Piper's pregnancy and body doubles were hired.

It was graded A− by Entertainment Weekly, which said, "you will find a rather fascinating drama." Entertainment Weekly also commented on Billie Piper's portrayal of Belle, saying, "Piper is extraordinary, intermittently talking right to the camera in a straightforward, conspiratorial manner, the way a prostitute who's really good at her job would talk to a client." Whilst reviewing Series 3 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Gerard O'Donovan of The Telegraph opined that the show focuses too much on Piper's character, saying "All the characters, apart from Belle (Piper), are about as two-dimensional as cardboard cut-outs – and no more engaging." Feminist Rosie Boycott, writing for the Daily Mail, accused the programme of objectifying women and falsely portraying prostitution, saying "It is impossible to imagine that any one of these women entered 'the game' out of free choice.

Yet according to Belle, the heroine of the series ...

The series focuses on her professional and private life and its complications as they collide.