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It can absolutely be difficult to find a job here, especially if you're not educated in a specific field. My spouse will accompany me and will look for a job there.

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This is directly linked to oil prices and effects EVERYONE in the oil "foodchain" even the taxi driver relying on fares from people will be hit. Unless the bus driver is having a smoke/bathroom break then you can sneak on ;) Airdrie has a bus that goes to downtown Calgary. Maybe Okotoks/High River has one too I do not know. Rents start at 1400 month in the very bad neighbourhoods and range up to 17,000 month in affluent areas, yes I said 17,000 dollars a month I can show you the adds.

Believe me she lives in a huge house on the South of Calgary and has done very well out of the Alberta boom in the last 16 years. There is NO RENT CONTROL here and your landlord can raise your rent to whatever he wants.

Calgary is a rascist city run by chubby flat footed inbred rascists. Calgary is the most amazing city I've ever lived in. A nice bachelor in the beltline you can find for $670. Again, they won't be fancy, but most will include your heat, water and electricity which will save you about $170/mth. And I grocery shop on Tuesday's to get the 10% discount. So yes, it can be done if you aren't spending your money like a lunatic. Half a million dollars for a shit home, $50 for one bag of groceries, a handful of grapes is $8. You are crammed into over packed trains/bus's like sardines, never mind a seat. Even their soup comes in frozen, bagels too come in frozen. Chicken on the Way is a classic famous Calgary restaraunt. But probably not after 2am as I think the airport is closed. Another note, all the crime is due to domestic violence/rape or drugs-dealing/buying or money. Pick N Pull sells used vehicles at cheap prices and YMCA gym/pool membership is $40/m, but I get mine for $20/m with a letter from a social agency. I came to look at what it would cost for utilities per month for a house. But condo's can be as low as $150,000, average is about $250,000. Think multiple times before moving to Calgary or anywhere else in Canada.

You are probably benefiting from govt hand outs Gin. I don't know any Calgarians who would survive in the real world. I have a full and happy life (despite my numerous health problems). It's cold, from Sept-April you have to deal with snow, cold weather, horrible road conditions, massive transit delays, accidents everywhere every time it snows people seem to have completely forgotten how to drive. There is some new carbon tax so all things energy is now even more expensive, gas, electric bill, rent. Peters Drive-In on 16Ave N the Trans Canada is too. Lindsey Park now called the Talisman Center is a good spot too. Sikome Lake in Fishcreek Park at River and Highway 22X is not free anymore. I have only lived in well insulated condo's in Calgary built since 2000. If you're coming to Calgary, DO NOT LIVE IN SAGE HILL. It was my regret that I bought a property here and now I am having a hard time selling it.

If anything, Calgarians and Chestermerians might feel more violated than afraid. Iam a 50 year old man is it worth going from Bangalore to Calgary , mainl intension to go there for saving the money, is it possible to more money, Iam planning to move for three years contract with family with two kids.please any one can suggest me to go or not.