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During his senior year in’ Elder High School’ Bill’s interest in journalism and broadcasting became quite apparent, while he and a friend of his created a radio program that was playing during the breaks.

He claims that this radio program made him realize his excitement for broadcasting.

Before that, It was rumored that Hemmer was a gay despite his single relationship status which was about eight years ago. A fan of Hemmer sends an open message letter to that Hemmer of Fox News “Made it official this morning during his news program that he has a girlfriend!!

In fact, he took her to the top of the Empire State building yesterday and proudly pulled out his cell phone while live on the air, found her picture on his cell phone.

In reporting the instantaneous news, he said, Before making the move to NBC news, Bill's ex-partner Megyn Kelly was quoted calling Bill the ' Ultimate Gentleman.' In an interview with the Washington Post, Megyn talked about her relationship with Bill and how important he was in her career as a partner, mentor, and friend. [Confusion arises over how they would get a ride] Hemmer steps in and he’s like, “I will get them a taxi.” So he takes Dr. Brunt out to the sidewalk, he hails them a taxi, he gets them into the taxi, he gives the address to the taxi driver, then he tells the taxi driver what radio station to put on because he thinks Dr. Brunt would enjoy their 10-minute ride more with this music in the background.

She talked about how Bill was the nicest person ever and responded to most interactions with softness. During his early phase, while working at CBS, Hemmer has traveled Nepal, India, China, Egypt, Israel and Eastern Europe.

She was quoted talking about him stating, I’d never been a TV anchor before; I’d never been employed as a TV anchor. I have never seen him have anything but a kind word and a generous lens for people. He even worked at the clinic managed by the Mother Teresa during his stay at Calcutta in India.

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