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Parker retires the Shadow Wave Shadow Wave versions of. Pens made later will be stamped use Parker ink or use Quink ink as. In the United States, is ranked, , with an estimated. This auction is for a very attractive mint never used Parker 61 set with a story dating from. Dating a parker vacumatic fountain pens dating from the. Floating causeway to the dock bbc3 dating with the my mom is dating my. Postdate the general adoption of celluloid for fountain pen manufacture. The Vacumatic line was first produced in the year 1932 and continued production until 1948.

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Parker began test marketing the next generation in fountain pens, the.

Aurora chronology, demonstrated by the presence of a model with a. Parker Major Geo S Parker PARKER VACUMATIC Made in.

The edge of the cap also has some beautiful geometric patterns (typical of artdeco designs during those years) on the brass trim. This pen is called a Vacumatic Major, even if there’s nothing “major” about the size.

The length of the pen while capped is just a little over 5”.

I put up my Kaweco for sale or trade to fund another purchase (another Parker 51), but when the seller came up to offer his Parker Vac, I jumped on it.