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This, I intend to do by introducing to the distinguished men around the world women that are not only physically beautiful but are intelligent, well educated and self accomplished. While they have kept up with modern times and are empowered like western women, they have maintained the unique qualities of a Colombian woman; passionate, family-oriented, unselfish, strong traditional values, hard-working, respectful, ambitious and faithful.She will be the most loyal companion...a true-partner in life! ------------------------------------------------------- International Introductions by Consuelo is a marriage agency based in Bogotá, Colombia.Many of my clients are now happily married and you can be too.

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Once you are in touch with the Bogota girl that you are interested in, then the next thing is to travel to Bogota to meet them and this becomes essential as you cannot meet professional women in Chicago, you cannot be so far away and take classes in Bogota and woo the would be bride.

Some colleges even offer trips to Bogota, go to school in Bogota, take classes in law you can meet successful women.

Guys, be honest about who you are and where you are in life, and they will respect that a lot more.

You tell a woman you are truly ready for commitment, pursue her and then freak out.

Forget finding a women, in America they do not even want you to look at women, when you look at them they think it is creepy!