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WWE has run into issues creating a buzz over its 205 Live show and cruiserweight division, despite having an array of talented wrestlers, and Helms noted that Aro Lucha has blended together generations of wrestling in an effort to create new stars. “You turn it on one week and the show has an entirely new cast, and you don’t know anyone whatsoever–that’s going to be a tough sell.So WWE brought back this championship, which is still called the Cruiserweight championship, but pretended the cruiserweight division never before existed. There was a cruiserweight division, I know, I was the champion for the longest out of them all. They are very, very talented, but nobody is a star quite yet–there are a few that could be, without a doubt, but nobody is that big star yet.Despite their cheesy pop music gimmick, the three wrestlers were brimming with explosive offense and athleticism.

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And whether he’s kidding or serious, he’s actually the best candidate for the job.

Shane Helms has been one of the world’s top cruiserweight wrestlers since he first debuted with WCW in 2000 as part of 3-Count, the boy band faction that also included Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore.

He would win the WWE Cruiserweight title (the WCW Cruiserweight title had been merged with the WWE Light Heavyweight title during the In 2006, he’d returned to Gregory Helms and at the Royal Rumble that year won a 6-Man Tornado Match for the WWE Cruiserweight title, defeating champion Kid Kash, as well as Funaki, Jamie Noble, Nunzio (Little Guido) and Paul London.

Helms would carry the title for 385 days, the longest reign of any WWE Cruiserweight Champion to date.

Helms’ mind for the game is as sharp as they come and his agent/producer role with Impact could be a perfect addition to his resume as role of show itself, working behind the scenes when his authority figure isn’t on screen, offering advice that only a 20 year veteran could impart.