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After various minor roles, Montgomery got several breaks in 1996.

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(Thursdays, 10 pm/ET, CBS), is trying to remember if she's ever changed a diaper. "Sometimes she tells the same story three times." He gives Montgomery a playful nuzzle. "Tell TV Guide about the candy." "I find random, half-eaten bags of M&Ms all over the house," Kaufman says.

"Poppy's been having some memory issues," Kaufman says with a laugh.

"We have five or six names that we like, but we want to wait to meet the boy before we name him." The kid certainly has a comfy crib to come home to.

His nursery is already done up in pastel hues and filled with enough toys to open a boutique.

CBS was looking to create a TV mini-series based on author Joyce Carol Oates' novelization of the life of Marilyn Monroe (the series was titled Blonde (2001) (TV)).