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He was earlier linked to Laura O’Toole who was described by a commenter as “less pretty” than her (her being the commenter).

So what do you think of this new gal being identified as the new Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend?

Daniel Radcliffe is reportedly dating his 'Equus' co-star.

The Mail quotes a source who supposedly knows something about Daniel and this girl: “Olive and Dan have known each other a long time, ever since the Harry Potter films started.

They were close a few years ago but the relationship fizzled out then. And in the last few months they have grown closer again.”The source adds: “Olive has money in her own right so is certainly not a gold-digger. She has usually gone for bad boys and Dan is quite preppy.”You know what, we gotta give props to Daniel boy for not limiting his choices to pretty young models.

They were said to be "very close" and were even photographed enjoying a shopping trip together in Fullham, West London.

Laura is now starring in the touring version of "Equus", opposite Lily Allen's brother Alfie Owen-Allen, while Daniel is set to open "Equus" on Broadway later in the year while in the same time also is tied to some film commitments.

Laura was known as the understudy for the lead female character of Jill, played by Joanna Christie, who engaged in a lengthy nude sex scene with Daniel's character in the play.