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The need to communicate with each other is core to the fabric of being human and is a fundamental driver of our continued evolution.

Dating back to the beginnings of civilization where cavemen used drawings within caves, communications have not only changed in form and function but also its ability to reach longer distances.

Another noteworthy invention in the personal communication space was the pager which allowed for one-way messages to be sent.

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For example, the first public telephone came out in the 1940s — improving and making communication more efficient.

The television also picked up steam as families across the US began buying them to watch programs and follow the news from broadcasting companies like NBC and CBS.

Advancements around the telephone continued as well with the invention of the answering machine by Bell Laboratories which allowed people to record phone messages when they weren’t home.

The 1960’s introduced two hugely critical innovations in global communications with the introduction of satellite technology and the beginning of the computer network.

Mobile cellular phones (not attached to your car) were becoming increasingly mobile, the 56K modem was created to facilitate access to the Internet, and SMS (short message service) or text messages were used for the first time in 1992.