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For me, the Connect App (i Phone) appeared to be the easiest way to update. In my case, the QC35 noise control will be permanently set to "maximum." As I stated several times, I purchased the unit BECAUSE of noise control so I have no reason to turn it off.

Instructions for Running the Power Shell Script In order to run the script, save the flow script to a text editor like notepad.

Save the file with a .ps1 extension to a folder on the Share Point Server.

Process A has 10 run-able threads while Process B has 3 run-able threads.

Assuming these 13 threads are at the same priority, each thread would theoretically receive one-thirteenth of CPU time.

For Example: Important: Only one update should be placed here and the file extension should be

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    NET Framework version while allowing all other system/security updates on a Windows Server 2008 or 2012.

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    The route is well lit and on quieter roads wherever possible - however once you arrive in central London there will be traffic and you should be confident to deal with this.

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