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Only some haggard and hatchet-faced harridans and annoyingly persistent poofters.

Though I don't partake of this street-food smorgasbord anyway, because consorting with Nadi street girls does not usually end well. We could clearly hear conversation outside at the check-in desk of the lobby.

Tests revealed her condition, which means she is unable to have sex or carry her own child Despite the shocking news, she is trying to see her condition in a positive light - and even as a way of making sure she meets the right man.

Hey guys, Is there any place in Suva where you can have sex? I've heard that a few of those massage shops are in "business" but I don't know exactly which one. Am going generally for the beach and to relax, but will perhaps be looking for some fun.

Instead I decided to again make the acquaintance of the Fijian masseuse in the spa at one of the higher-scale resorts in this area. So we did all, though we had to be very quiet about it.