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Reality Check: You can’t let work monopolize your time, instead, you have to prioritize dating in the New Year!Enlist a TDR matchmaker to do all the hard work for you.There are many top-ranked colleges in the Washington DC area, but how do they stack up when it comes to the dating scene?

Reality Check: You may think that you have met every single person in DC, but the reality is that you are probably looking in the same spots or dating within the same group of friends.

Widen your social circle, try out new restaurants in the neighborhoods you don’t necessarily frequent, or join a new club. Excuse: It’s winter — nobody goes out because it is too cold!

Strangely, in a city famous for its tacos, 43% of male singles are white while at 38% the highest percentage of LA women tend to be Asian! ) So what do these smarty-pants do with their shiny degrees?

It’s no coincidence that Three Day Rule, Match’s exclusive matchmaking partner, recently launched in Washington DC this month.

As Three Day Rule’s DC matchmakers, we are excited to bring our services to a city brimming with talented, ambitious, and attractive singles.