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Don't rely on secure procedures as a method of stopping hackers.

They sometimes fire programs over the Internet at a random IP addresses to see if they stick.

It's a remote control, and usually a very thorough one with full access to every facility and file on your computer.

There are just two aspects of hacking that you have to worry about as a private individual.

One is that your details are on various company databases, and when these are cracked, information about you can be stolen.

It may also send a message each time you log on to the Internet, because it's likely you'll be given a different IP address by your ISP each time you log on.

If your machine behaves strangely and you think you've got a parasitic backdoor (it's a bit like somebody else having a remote keyboard for the same computer) manually unplug the phone line to break the connection and get yourself a top virus protection program.

They need first to create an intermediary, like a kind of base camp for a mountain expedition.