Adult chat skype credits - Pseudocode example for updating x y z coordinates

For adjusting data particularly just adjusting its z-value (or removing it), which are the most frequent operations.

@Morphing Dragon The array is not jagged, all z "slices" have the same range of x and y.

The values also don't seem sparse enough for a hash table (which IIRC slow down significantly on hash collision - which is guaranteed as multiple elements have the same (x,y,z)).

I'm working on a data structure in C that is a represents data in 3D space.

The x-y plane is large (say 0 - 10 000) while the z-axis has a very small range (0 - 10). However there can be more than one than one data point on an (x,y,z) coordinate.

The data on file represents a sorted list in ascending z for each (x,y). I've never met them, as with very little training, my method is to use STL vectors or lists for everything.

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