Hot chat female friends who is rl from the group next dating

between him and our daughter there is no communication let... What I'm talking about is someone I can take a walk a movie with....for coffee...

I'm not talking about the whole "cuddling after sex" thing.

One that I can talk to openly and build a good relationship with. I'm married to a wonderful man and I have a female best friend but I want a male best friend. Someone I can chat with about things and have him understand and be supportive. about 3 years ago i had to leave the country for some reason for tow years. I had a good male friend who I used to spend a lot of time with.

We can lift each other's spirits when we feel down. I'm not looking for a friend to be anything more than a friend. has found a lady friend,although he said he would support me emotionly and that he still loves me but is moving on. Unfortunately he got arrested for crimes against kids and I was suspicious and so ended the friendship.

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