Cydia updating sources stuck

I couldn't fix the sinfuliphonerepo source, but to let the other sources update, just delete the source.That will allow your sources to update, but won't fix sinfuliphonerepo. I am having issues too an since u guys are as well in the last day or so, this concludes that the repo is likely down, being updated, or DNS servers are repropogating Out of curiosity, did anyone else JB with Absinthe-win-2.0 ?

Sometimes, this could be a problem because the utility is not working properly or it could mean that the stuff is still being downloaded.

Some people waited up to 20 mins until they could proceed to the next step.

You can check out this full-list of compatible i OS 9.3.3 tweaks.

If you have deleted the PP app by accident, don’t worry, because you can always reinstall it.

If your time isn’t anywhere close to that, keep waiting.