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Almost 5% of women said they had no sexual urge at all.In practice, the survey reveals, only 22% of women have sex on a daily basis while the vast majority, 56%, do it once or twice a week.

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One quarter had 6-10 partners, and 12.5% had up to 20 partners.

Almost 18% of the women said they had only one partner and 3% said they were virgins.

A little over than 7% said they trusted their partner even if they were having a "one-night stand" and almost 13% said they never used a condom, down 14% from last year's survey.

Nonetheless, the current survey indicates an increase in the number of women who always use condoms when having sex with a new partner - 48%, compared to 36% in the past survey.

Sixteen percent of women said they would feel betrayed if they found out their partners watch pornography and erotic materials.