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The questions, of which there seem to be hundreds, are divided into categories and range from sexual relationships to fasting details and gender mixing.

An earlier fatwa request from a teenage girl asked if she could chat with boys on social media.“Communication between both sexes is allowed if the manners prescribed by shari'ah (Islamic law) are observed and it was for a purpose deemed valid by shari'ah, such as work, study and so forth,” the answer was.

“If a relationship exceeds these restrictions it becomes prohibited.

In shari'ah, a woman is commanded to avoid anything that might make her an object of desire for men or an object for forbidden feelings.”A social sharing bar on the left of this and every page on the website allows readers to spread the posts on Twitter, Facebook, and nearly 300 other social websites, many of which offer chat features.

They have now taken the world by storm, and a lot of people could not imagine what life would now be like if they did not have the internet, email, and chat features on their phones at their disposal.