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Find out which locales made the list A California couple was arrested after officials discovered they were living with their children in a plywood box without running water or electricity for years.

Details on the horrifying living conditions NASA recently unveiled the 'biggest technological advancement of our lifestimes' to a room of global experts -- and it's set the investing world abuzz.

Investigators are focusing their attention on Kushner's business discussions with foreigners during the presidential transition, according to a Friday report.

Details of the probe's new direction A report from a flight that landed at Washington Dulles International Airport on Friday described a 'very bumpy' landing that led to passengers falling ill.

Odd reason ' Morton's toe' has royal link Middleton is ever the perfect princess at public appearances -- but when it comes to one aspect of her life, she's adamant about doing it 'her way.' Protocol she doesn't plan on adhering to The president's decision to launch a potential trade war was reportedly born out of anger at Hope Hicks' testimony to the Senate intelligence committee.