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Hi- signiflcimt dolnys;-Fnir" w;i-iitiicr is forecast for the period Sat- urday Ihrougli Tuesday, The oxti'iidcii (iijtlook for Southern from 76 to W will be in the 40s. 'Classified ads, gill 73n-062fi Mon day thfeinph 1 Saturdays from 8 a.m. Infomiitinn on dis- play ads is available wcekday.s only. on the economy, on politics, on any And, if that infcorefers with afiairs of" _Lan T-Spcakc6 and ,\f;rhnni V ri finy. , inc prosecution w itnesses, th e major- granted judgmen Libr. Blackfoot Tlw Su^ine^urt-decidrt^^^ ^uj^ly television l£\wyers doctors sued by the parents of a 2Vii- -day tnovcr Uiro^o 1981 dwision and . l S*'ilno‘*eooks“”^^^^^ loow V^lw ' COMhfu^r TY^Ss Wo oiler on-o«Xn“^?

- Elsowhero in tho nation Thursday, the highest*tdh)p2 for 3-monihi.. miitini;ini;*-r‘ Ifyou wishtapliiei* an iidvertisemcul. V-:ii’di,±Lr'-i.’rr wr J-momns.- a.m«m|Kv Sft4.»a per yc Brr St u d tnt »m l' a *r~ le, by mml only-. customarily demolish the prosecution ' year-old p H v Hio died of what was return to a 1899 standard barring the j„ rnngistrato’s court.” It also later diagnosed' as acute gangrenous use ofpreliminaiy hearing testimony would be considered a tactical error to appendicitis. ^ engage in extensive cross-examinn- Herndon ruled that testimony of a lmf Tlecfsloirwrlt«Frrb 3 r Chlcf Jus- iroi! k| ovor--peyrno X, - (atl &Call'73i^l.*° ■ Ca'if Mlko‘^davs“72fr94G2 or Cel' 9 am-5 pm^ Tho Timos-Nows Is looking Mokorow for on oppolnl* C_ol[i78;4020.

In addition, the money will underwrite more extensive training for police and emergency personnel and increased investigation of AIDS casos. Firm cleared of liability COEUR D’ALENE (AP) — Tho private security firm of former Kootenai County Sheriff Rocky Watson has been cleared of liability, for a 1984 fire that caused ;norc than million in damage to a Cocur d'Alene lumber mill.

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'pie new strains found by the re- 'searchcrs Tinj'both'Stninis'of human unm uhod e ficicnc y virus two, This virus is a subtype of the HIVl that is blamed for the AIDS epidemic in the United States. ' wniduc L^_,_: for diod^ oitto grounds o S ’ ■ ■ m osaxu^i: Js vidja ui jtf .hirtoric--: :.-,lha-25^jud^. iiotitled torthe ' ’ not state a tlte against gorimin^i dbcriini nation . L formlmaneuvers m sophisticated flight simulators duf- . The crash occurred near Hittistetton village in the Krcumbach district, 50 miles west of Munich, said Senate^liinits Jietests ' - WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate passed ond sent to President Reagan on Thursday legislation that , would limit the use of lie-detector tests by private em-- ployers. Comas Rmirlehnd Wood Rivor • Partly qjoudy today with Isolated aftomoon showers. C., and tamoon lampcrnlures in tho 60s and, 54 degrees less than Monday's record . Koll* by The -T'^Bwiii Jtl Plirf Ofr-Of Viciaf Tntr Tinirt Simry” ncw.paprr pumtinnl lo . Thunidny i-i hnrby drtlcrn Us J-44 l»u* day o TUii- wit-V of _whlch Jn! uncle, Cruse Galindo, and was sentenced to up to 14 years in ■prison; the beating. b Aw^Ka H at ^ 'h inventofy control ®h® ^ , calendars.

Both HIVl'and Hf V2 have been found in AIDS patients in Africa, but only one patient has been found in the United State's to bo in fe cted with HIV2, That patient, who died in this country, is believed to have been in- . — Levy--Baid-hi8-groap“Ifio Iated”il S“ strain of Hl V^from a blood sam ple talceh from a nat Iv Fbf Mali w Ho was hospitalized in Ivory Coast, a West Af- rican nation. details'of ite 'vtte.'-No date ' 7hs Tatij Bl-agiw Htfe^0“^ tntearin g. “ing training or at an annual refresher course and to fly 3 Canadians escape prison i MONTREAL (AP) — Three inmates shot a guard and took two hostages Thursday while escaping from one of Canada’s oldest and most notorious prisons. a power line Thursday and crashed in a field along a heavily traveled highway, ' killing its three-man American crew, a military spokes- monsaid. The legislation, which was approved 68-24, also would prevent employers from taking adverse actions Spokesman Sgt. Light winds in tho morning becoming west from 10 to 16 mph in the afternoon. Partly cloudy ' toaight and Saturday with isolated ; showors. high- Flint, Mich., tied a_rac=rd law of ■■onc.mchhoi Ut Limn^^^^^^^ _ high. complete investigations and get into have rejected tho preliminary hearing ' - ; Martba, the sister, testified at the lengthy cro.'ss-examination. and 0 junlori Bonior high school gopendoni business poople P(otoj S|onai Stan at inito ^ ^ schedule and conduct lours music loachor.

- Wilson Butte's 16,000-year-old arti- facts were first discovered during a 1959-60 excavation led by archaeolo-’ gist Ruth Gruhn. Some scien- tists, however, remain skeptical of Gruhn's findings. • -“There’s one- thing-on-which any first lady must be a stone wall: The first lady is first of all a wife." she said in a speech delivered to about 1,000. Circuit Court of Ap*- • pellato court bad ever rearii^ concldilon.'; • The ormed serri^’ right to bs M disdiarges. Sanun Afy: , The leat Ung edge of another sto rm ■ ■ western border ‘Thunday aftomoon. the voles, ho ently, r Vrias nddqd, "Perhaps it’s easi' AOchael puk^s pledging a better re- needs in November," said Dukakis er, we can get along in the same lan- ^lationship^ith Cogtral America and spokesman Leslie Dac^h._ , guage. Reagan bad U fend off White House aides and oth- also basic personal rights every pro- ‘"'^ted to discuss her role as ers while Reagan has ' nicuperated sident should not be denied." she said “''Stlady.andshechosetoteli 'herau- from a variety of medical procedures, “As a wife. Reagan bad from a variety of medical procedures, including the surj^ry he underwent ns much right to a normal recupern- '®-’^^jy PE-B^9P^‘^-Tcnnzo_she_is_fir8t In .i.looc — u ** and foremost a wife and that she in July I9M to remove u malignant tipn as any other husband. “The problem seems getting worse," Tribal Land Use Com- mission membcr Emalinc George sold.

- Gruhn has returned to Wilson Butte with her husband, Allen Bryan, after n 28-year hiatus in hopes of si- lencing the doubting Thomases. « m '^^^^Cm'atfbn^wetyfronrtfa'nferlt^^qld-fae better to . spouses of participants in the World Gas Conference meeting i_n Washing- ten.._,. as White House chief of • staff.” ; Regan wrote that her interest in as- ' trologylcd her to take a direct hand in- tho preparation of the president’s schedule a'hd the timing' of,, 'among other things, the signing of the. S.- Soviet treaty eliminating medium- range nuclear weapons from the su- perpowers' arsenals. oh bomosezual coadud : has been upheld by the courth: Bat'' -the ^po&le-court, in-acaseihvid V'L- area, said tto Arinys'r^- . Tho storm produced warm tom- — — pefa Ui W-aad-strong-gusty^inds— thraughout Muthem,ldnho. j Morning fog opd cloudy skiorikopt , temperatures 20 degrees cooler in tli« ' . That helps.; ; Republican George Bush traveling to -Recent polls show the vice pro- Dukakis' discussion with Arias* _TIew-York state and north . I believe my husband has hardest rol6s The firs t lady 's press socrotniy,. tumor growing in his'.colon, ns well as "No first ladv need mako nnoloirips t akes care of him (tho president) d s -dunng-lhe-ietupere Uuii fpr Jookingpu't'husband’a.per-. - Mostly prunings, old furniture and full trash bags, the dumping has really begun to offend tribal leaders since piles of waste were re- — cently disctn'crcd-near old-burial grounds, -hunting and-fishing4iroas: and protected sites like the Cedars just west of the did Fort Hall townsite. • , BOISE-(AP) — The Idaho Supreme Court on Thursday struck down the use of testimony from a preliminary hoaring in a later criminal trial where the witness was not availoblc to testi- fy ■- - - Because of the rather informal and- prcliminary nature of a. wepbovice: \ Pfivaio room In llconsod Country SMo Living Conior' -j J!

An archaeological excavotion is cur- 1 • rentiy underway which m av help con-J — firn Hhat-prehistoric-niai L.visitet Ltbfi_ cave 15,000 years ago. • | ■ Since the initial excavation, ama* _ ' “ ' ~ * j leur. oclors-hai.'e-deslroy Dd many 1 of the cave's artifacts. In court 'papers, Walsh said his pro- posal for two dual-juiy trials “would meet the court’s interest in protecting the rights of the defendants while hi- Icviating the enormous burdens on the government of trying each de- fendant se^cn'tially." In a two-jury trii U, one panel would hear the evidence against -one dc- ' • See NORTH on Page A2 - First lady should be a wife first, Nancy declares I Court wilt reconsider Loa Angeles Times r WASHIN GTON ' First 'lady Nancy Reagan, in her most extensive defenso-cf. Lows tonight in the mid 40s to low 60s, Higha today in * the upper 60i te'near 100. N&VAOA: Por Uy cloudy with n chance of a rain ahowor west todoy, , Oeeasi ORol'high cloudiness over the--- ontiro area ori Saturday. Twin Falls, Idaho A-3 Idaho -Briefly^ — ^ ■ Police drop : drag charges • BOISE (AP) — Questions about the way police obtained evidence have prompted the city of Boisc'to drop misdemeanor drug posses* ' sion charges against a teen-ager who may have been wrongly linked .giving drags to three children. He was being held in the-Bingbam County Jail in lieu of SSO. Authorities said Bell was driving a motorcyde Tuesdaiy evening _when_ Iked-along-the-residential— street. Boll faces a maximum penalty of seven years in prison and $7,000 in fines on the manslaughter charge and five years in prison and $5,000 in fines on each of the other two charges along with suspen- sion of his drive rs license for one to five years.

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