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Another infamous case in the city of Uppsala became known as the ”Snapchat rape.” Two men filmed their rape of a young girl in real time and then uploaded the video clip to the Snapchat app.Another girl saw the clip, saved it and told her mother, who then alerted the police.Police admit that rape cases are piling up without being investigated because resources are being drained by gang violence and shootings.

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In 2016, only eleven percent of reported rapes were prosecuted, a decrease from twenty percent in 2014.

For more than a decade, the prevailing perception in Sweden has been that rapes and other sex crimes have not become more frequent in spite of data that suggest the contrary.

“Unfortunately, the police were too busy and lacked the resources to work the case thoroughly until this spring.

Then a number of people were arrested in June,” explained the prosecutor, Markus Hankkio.

Its government boasts that it is the “first feminist government” in the world, averring that gender equality is central to its priorities in decision-making and resource allocation.