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I was both in horror and in pleasure as I couldn’t stop it spurting this sticky stuff but the pleasure it gave me each time it convulsed and spurted was indescribable!

I was so afraid and at the time stunned by its experience that I quickly took my shower and tried not to ponder on it any longer, assuring myself each time I did that everything was alright, there is nothing broken and my beloved dick was not going to fall apart on me!

Needless to say, curiosity and the urge to experience that unique feeling again got the better of me and before you know it, I was twirling again, sometimes 2-3 times a day, but each time it was in the bathroom so that washing was easy to do and I had privacy in there.

Since my dick didn’t fall off, nor was I experiencing any kind of pain, I was happy to have found a new form of ‘activity’ to keep my dick and I occupied.

Out of curiosity, I started fondling it and found it to be pleasurable, making my dick even more rigid.