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"The predicted ground conditions are quite good," said Giacomin, who has worked on several major TBM tunnelling projects around the world before taking on the role as Director of Tunnelling for the privately owned contractor Ghella.

"There is good site investigation information provided by the client and additional studies were conducted by the client and by us to gather more data." TBM tunnelling is the principal excavation method and there are areas of drill blast and roadheader excavation for equipment chambers, cross passages and on and off ramps.

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Northern Pride is a registered charity (Charity No: 1141053) we operate with the amazing support from companies and the LGBT community from around the region.

If you'd like to help us to continue our work you can make a donation, sponsor Newcastle Pride , book a or become a pride partner.

But given experience to date there is concern about the validity of the financing model, with a fear that property taxes will have to rise to cover any financial deficit.

As the first Trans Apex project to open in March this year, private operating company River City Motorway has had to reduce the Clem7 toll dramatically.

The consortium is to build its own segment fabrication yard for the TBM drives.