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My greatest strength is my personality, and I’m not very photogenic.

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Then they realize it’s expensive, cold, rude, and dirty so they go back where they came from. Nobody really sent me any messages, and given that being ignored by men is hard on my self-esteem, I was just about ready to delete the dating apps again when I stopped short: Could it be that my femme look was to blame for the cool reception?

Maybe a more butch look would attract the attention I wanted—surely a test wouldn’t hurt, right? For all of the straight people reading, Scruff is a location-based smartphone app where gay men can find, chat, and connect with each other.

As I came across the Triborough Bridge into Manhattan, I eyed my phone and wondered if I’d see the same faces from the last time I was online.

NYC has a really high turnover rate because every queen east of the Mississippi who wants to get out of their small town and follow their dreams usually ends up here at some point.

My friends think so, and I’ve written more than a few Ok Cupid profiles for my friends that immediately led to relationships.