Woman to avoid dating

They say professional, career women are men trapped in women’s bodies, who’re not very feminine.

If you knew or saw me, I wear a dress almost anywhere and my roommate can attest I sometimes come home and clean or cook in my work dress and heels and I am happy to do so.

But, this is all evidence of some deep and major issues with which he has clearly not dealt.

” and whether or not I’d like to be a stay-at-home mom.

I have resided to answer the latter question the best I can right now, “I want to work but until I have kids, I won’t know how I feel.” I feel a little different from the women described in the article.

We don’t have to compromise our goals to find the loves of our lives. Xoxoxo KLC — Kris Baker is a well respected marketing and communications expert based in Atlanta, GA.

Since 2009 Baker has been navigating her professional life and her dating life and sharing her stories along the way and became a contributing writer with Lioness Magazine in 2011.

While I’m still shocked by this article, I am realizing I do not exactly fit into this category.