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He did once have an uncle, who was a retired Hylian knight who passed away but apart from that, Link is orphaned as long as he can remember.

Right now the blonde teenage Hylian is asleep, due to it being night until dawn slowly approaches to start a new day.

The battle was intense, the entire populace of Hyrule feared for their lives from this climactic conflict.

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But that's not all, he's also having nightmares of a being wearing a green tunic and armour, fighting a boar-like demon with a sceptre/trident.

Link sighs irritably as he is now rudely wide awake. " said Link as he rushes down from his bedroom to answer his front door.

Link and Ilia climb down the ladder of the tree house.

Link climbed on his horse and help Ilia on her before he rides off to Ordon."Yah" exclaims Link to make Epona gallop to Ordon.

""Your guess is as good as mine" said Ilia, unknown to Link she is hiding her face behind his back, her expression shows reluctance and sadness.