Power dating program surviving highschool walkthrough dating raven

is an evidence-based program with strong, long-term outcomes.

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Couples also can work individually and share their progress with each other. “It’s a really nice way for people in those situations to use their time to learn the skills and also use their shared experience of the site as a way to stay connected and stay focused on their relationship and on their marriage.” According to Meador, the main thing that’s often missing from other marriage counseling programs is specific skills, words and ideas couples can take and implement into their relationship every day.

This is especially helpful for long-distance couples, including those in the military. “I think that’s the most impactful thing – that you take these skills and you start using them and you feel this shift in the climate of your relationship,” she said.

Session 8: Equal Power through Communication: Students learn the four skills for effective communication and practice these skills in a variety of role-plays.

Session 9: Preventing Dating Sexual Abuse: A quiz, analysis of scenarios and a discussion with peers help students learn about the issue of dating sexual abuse and how to prevent it.

Posters on the theme of dating abuse prevention can be displayed in school hallways or other community buildings such as libraries, city hall, community centers and shopping malls.

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