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Hi there, I am a 28 year old Canadian named Simon, I am coming to the Philippines. visit in the philippines from australia Not rated yet If someone visit here in Philippines from Australia and stay here for 34 days, does he need a visa to stay for 34 days? Holiday in the Philippines this August 2011 Not rated yet I have read some of your entries and find it quite helpful and informative. BY A GUARDIAN OTHER THAN THE PARENT Not rated yet I have a four year old U. citizen nephew (on my wife’s side) born here in Illinois but now living in the Philippines since 2006. Transportation from Angeles, Pampanga to San Jose, Nueva Ecija Not rated yet How will I get to San Jose, Nueva Ecija from Angeles, Pampang A? Not rated yet Sa Panahon ng Kagipitan / Emerhensiya Pagtawag sa oras ng biglaang pagkakasakit at pagkakasugat Makakatawag ng Ambulansya (walang bayad) sa pamamagitan …

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Air schedules Busuanga and Puerto Princesca Not rated yet Can anyone confirm that Phillipine Airways flies between Busuanga and Puerto Princesca in APRIL 2011? Hello where to get started in the Philippines Not rated yet I am a disabled Veteran- I hear I can live well off of my $2000 a month pension. 21 day tourist is readily granted to Canadian citizen ? My bf a Canadian citizen is coming over within 5 days.did not get a tourist visa but he plans to stay for 98 days as per his ticket booking. TSA Regulations on Liquid Carry-on 3-1-1 NAIA Not rated yet Hi, Does NAIA airport security follow the TSA regulations for liquid carry-on of 1 quart size bag per person, with 3 oz.

I have been to asia (hong kong, japan, korea) but never P.

The kit contains the smartphone with Touch Mobile SIM card that has the Driver App, another SIM card will be provided this time it is the GCASH SIM card.

You will be signed up to GCASH because this is where Grab Car will remit all your incentives.

Or if the answer is here and you can't find it, because there is a lot of information here, I can direct you to the answer! Well if you scroll down on this page you will see a heading titled Ask Your Philippines Travel Guide Questions? The spaces which ask for your name and location are optional.