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She has a boyfriend of two years, who she doesn't name publicly, and considers his nine-year-old daughter her step-daughter.

Roem wasn't the only transgender candidate elected Tuesday.

It's feet were dangling on the sidewalk when the woman made the shocking discovery.

The adorable creature was taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for treatment and release.'None of us can believe that this happened and that the Bobcat only suffered from a small scrape on his back.'Proud and thankful for everyone that had a hand in saving this life today! Dr Alexa Ortiz, a veterinarian intern at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, told NBC that they haven't treated an adult bobcat at the center since 2011.

Roem also argued that Marshall, who has served in the House since 1992, has spent too much time on social policy.

A lightning rod for controversy, Marshall often drew the ire of even his own party.

Roem received some big support in her campaign when she got the endorsement of Joe Biden earlier this year.