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WAS and CPACC exams offered in San Diego at a venue close to the CSUN Assistive Technology Conferene.

Exams can be taken on Tuesday, March, 20 at am and pm.

IAAP is excited to announce that our 2018 Webinar Series is open for Registration! We are currently accepting applications for the winter WAS and CPACC exams. The IAAP is pleased to announce the addition of the IAAP India Chapter.

IAAP Members receive discounts and complimentary access to live broadcast webinars and/or archived webinars depending upon their membership level. The India Chapter will be led by Barrier Break, who has been providing accessible solutions globally and in India since 2004.

No new president has been named to replace her, and Watts — who was billed as an STX co-founder in a company bio from 2016 — has been erased from the STX website and even on Wikipedia.