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Successful candidates must also complete a knowledge test on various subjects; including, but not limited to: the Dallas Cowboys and their history, NFL Football in general and the rules of the game, general history, government, and current events.There is also the grueling elite dance choreography that tests each girl's capacity to grasp dance combinations and perform the trademark kick-line/jump-split routine for which the DCC is known.2010 - 2011 Squad Veterans: Ally Traylor, Ashton Torres, Brittany Evans, Brooke Sorenson, Carey De Pasquale, Cassie Trammell, Crystal Trevino, Evan Anderson, Jackie Bob, Joannah Liad, Jordan Baum, Jordan Chanley, Kaitlin Ilseng, Kelsi Reich, Meagan Mc Vay, Meagan Sharp, Melissa Kellerman, Meredith Oden, Mia Greenhouse, Michelle Keys, Sunni Cranfill, Sydney Durso, Tia Williams, Tobie Percival, Trisha Trevino, and Whitney Isleib.

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(Although the actual eating part doesn’t make it onscreen.) But alas, there’s a rat in their “white and blue star-spangled” midst!

A source tells our friend Lilit Marcus, the editor-in-chief of The Gloss, that it’s not all pom-poms and Vaseline teeth in Cowboys land.

“They are just not the ‘America’s Sweethearts’ that people make them out to be,” sniped the source.

He or she alleges eating disorders are a “huge problem,” there’s a double standard applied to hooking up with members of the Cowboys, and worst of all, Kelli Finglass, director of the DCC operation — “the heart and soul of the organization” — and Judy Trammell, the DCC choreographer, have “pets” on the team who can “get away with murder.” CMT claims “the opportunity for a woman to make the team is akin to winning the lottery,” but life on the squad sounds more like hell.

2007 - 2008 Squad Veterans: Andrea Rogers, Brooke Sorenson, Carmen Butler, Christina Parker, Deryn Derbigny, Erica Perry, Jennifer Nix, Julie Jacobs, Justine Philips, Kandi Harris, Leah Mullinax, Makenzi Swicegood, Megan Fox, Melissa Rycroft, Misty Duncan, Nicole Hamilton, Sarah Gourley, Starr Spangler, Tobie Percival, and Trisha Trevino.