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Zone transfer happens successfully from MS to infoblox but incremental (any new record added/deleted in MS DNS)update is having issue.

In logs I can see Infoblox received notify message from MS, later infoblox sends zone transfer request and in response received data from MS but I don’t see zone record are getting updated in infoblox zone.

Layered on top of those connections is a virtual adapter implemented by a Net Motion VPN client.

infoblox not updating dns-6

Is it possible to secure critical dns entries against overwrites without losing the posiblity of dynamic dns updates?

Hi; If there is a DHCP Grid Member and a DNS Grid Member, then if the DHCP member needed to do DDNS updates.

Right now the nios appliances are not managing the DHCP, so I want to do GSS-TSIG updates from Clients to Infoblox dns servers.

The nios version is: 6.7.1-204398 I already have my dns zone (authoritative) with AD integration (svc entries & co.) and all works just fine.

Our intention in setting the scopes this way was that the Net Motion IP would be present in DNS for the device (would "win").