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There is one additional color—the Product Red version—that’s exclusively available through Apple.Storage capacity is very familiar, but the i Pod touch does get an Apple Store-exclusive 128GB storage capacity, which lends the i Pod touch the same max storage capacity as its bigger brothers.If there’s one word that I can use to associate with the purchase of an i Pod touch 6th generation, it’s value.

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From a visual design standpoint, everything else is pretty much identical to the 5th generation i Pod touch.

It still rocks the same 4″ screen of the i Pod touch 5g, and it also has the same form factor and chamfered edges of the outgoing model.

Granted, the camera in the i Pod touch isn’t quite as good as it is in the i Phone—pixels don’t tell the whole story—but it’s still a leap over the outgoing i Pod touch.

Specs are one thing, but actually seeing and feeling a difference is what it’s all about.

I debated over it for a while, but I just couldn’t resist ordering a brand new 6th generation i Pod touch after looking at the specs of the device.