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Pare said three officers were wearing body cameras, but only one was activated during the incident.

College history was made at Sidney on Wednesday, 18 June, 1975 at about 2.20 p.m., when Miss Lynne Brydon was admitted to a Research Fellowship, and so became the first woman ever to be a member of the College." In the same year, Sidney’s first four female graduate students were admitted.

At that time, five colleges already existed solely for women (Girton, Newnham, Hughes Hall, Murray Edwards (New Hall) and Lucy Cavendish), and Darwin admitted both male and female graduate students from its inception in 1964.

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The driver, later identified as Santos, led police on a chase the full length of Route 10, veering in and out of left and right lanes and eventually getting on to I-95 North.

As the car became stuck in traffic, officers converged on it.

Clements said as he walked reporters through the events leading up to Santos’ death.

Clements said over 40 shots were fired at the truck in two volleys–about 20 of them by Providence Police and the rest by RI State Troopers. After that, the bullet-riddled truck began pouring smoke, and police moved in. Clements praised one of his officers for saving a woman in the car he said Santos rammed.

Charges against two Texas officers who conducted an 11-minute forced strip and cavity search on a woman during a traffic stop have been dismissed.