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Besides having high values on marriage and family relationships, dont tolerate harsh and un-caring men just for the sake of getting married.

Dont think that Russian girls are weak and will tolerate anything for the sake of getting married.

Most of the ladies from the above countries do not know English well enough to communicate with western men without assistance, therefore we, Be Happy Intl., provide our clients with translation, mail delivery, phone introduction, dating and some other services. I remember I was attracted to Peter because of his very beautiful and kind eyes.

I wrote to him first, which I dont usually do, but he was the first man who I found to be so interesting. Read more Even when I was on­ly 14 years old, I knew that I would go to the mar­ri­age agen­cy and mar­ry a for­eign man.

Russian wives, if treated with respect, are bound to make your life very pleasant and romantic.