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Soon enough, the District 5 team (now christened the "Ducks", after Bombay's employer, Gerald Ducksworth) start winning games and manage to make the playoffs, reaching the finals and adding new player Adam Banks, an ex-Hawk who is a talented player and an asset for the Ducks.

Bombay faces the Hawks, the team he grew up playing for, still led by Jack Reilly (Lane Smith), the same coach Bombay played for.

One of their gimmicks is the Flying V, where all five players skate down the ice in much the same manner as a flock of ducks, the puck being passed around between the squad (the team manages to score 2 goals with this maneuver: one in D1 and another in D2; following this, opposing teams defend successfully against it).

In the end to each movie, the Ducks prevail over their opponents by a single goal.

In D1, he is part of the "Oreo Line" with the Hall Brothers.