Ordinary dating

The song was featured in the American Dad episode Stan Goes On the Pill when Stan Smith turns into a woman after taking a pill and his boss Bullock tries to seduce him.

Serbian rock band Night Shift covered the song on their Undercovers album in 2002.

Me: no, it means out of the ordinary because the Latin prefix means out of or beyond, learn your shit.

A cover of "No Ordinary Love" is featured as the tenth and final track of Dallas Green's and Alecia Moore's You Me debut album "rose ave." in 2014.

Joanna Marie covered the song in English and Spanish as "Ordinary Love" and "Amor Ordinario" on her 1999 album "Simply Irresistible", released by Kariang Music.

Extraordinary does actually make sense if you educate yourself a little bit.

It does not mean more ordinary, people seem to think this because "extra" usually means more when used alone.

The song was also featured in an early 1993 episode of the daytime soap opera Days Of Our Lives.